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March 15, 2012
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It was one of those days, you carried a grumpy expression on your face. But you knew a way you could cheer yourself up, you were looking forward to the evening. Why? Because you had your own 'secret' training, nobody knew about it. It was a good way to let go of the frustrations if you had any, and you had to admit that it works and it felt good.

The evening soon came around, after teasing your friends and hanging with them you decided to head for your 'secret' location. This was going to be great!

Romano's POV

I lazily rubbed my green eyes with my hand as I walked through the darkness of the night, the forest was a place I considered my favorite at the time since the moonlight barely had a chance to shine through the trees, but wasn't impossible of course. After my brother awoke me so carelessly I figured I needed the walk, but at the same time I needed my meal too.. so it was a two in one kind of thing.

I sighed as I continued walking, relaxing slightly under the silence of the night. Only the leaves russled underneath my feet with each step, that's all that was heard. But my bright green eyes spotted something within the forest eventually, making me curious as to what it was. So I moved closer, only to discover a girl. I remained hidden in the darkness while watching her, a dim light was placed on the floor for her sight.. but that didn't matter for me, I could see in the darkness just fine as if it was broad daylight.

Seeing her beat up this training dummy was a little creepy and odd, I didn't think even once about approaching her.. it wouldn't be such a good start for a first meal tonight, so I continued my way.


You sighed out of relief, hitting that dummy with the martial arts you've learned was relaxing you quite a bit. But you froze for a moment when you heard some rustling around you, it made your eyes narrow for a dim second.. or maybe it was just the wind, you figured you shouldn't think of the worst possible things for once. You decided to stop your training for the night, it was getting pretty late after all.

It wasn't long until you heard some shouts when you started pacing through the forest, the sounds got closer and closer until you saw an unfamiliar man struggling with an all too familiar face, he was keeping a tight grip on the upper arm of one of your best friends. You felt furious of course, you couldn't just let this guy mess with her. Without thinking popped out of the bushes and rushed right at them, pushing the unknown man aside in order for him to let go of your friend.

"Run!" You shouted, your friend did as she was told and ran off almost immediately. Your eyes went back to the man, his dark brown hair was slightly messy-- or so you thought, unless that curl that stuck out was supposed to be like that. You noticed his bright green eyes as well, as if they lit up in the dark, but you didn't let yourself be scared off.

"You'll pay for that, I'll not let you hurt any of my friends!" He did seem that amused by your courage, but you were confident that you could take this idiot on.

You didn't even give the guy the chance to say anything as you charged at him almost instantly, you thought you'd get the advantage, but instead he caught your arm with a tight grip causing you to cry out from the pain slightly. He pulled you close to him, exposing your neck to him. You didn't realise he was a vampire at all until you felt his breath on your neck, and you closed your eyes to try and hide the fear you felt.


You suddenly felt a huge amount of pain shooting through your body, but your neck wasn't touched at all. You couldn't do anything, all you felt was your body limp out until you passed out.

"Damn bastard!" Lovino called out as he caught your unconscious body and prevented it from hitting the ground, smelling the big amount of blood that was leaking from your body. His green eyes gazed over at the source that was responsible for this crazy action, and there he stood.. embarrassed as can be.

"I guess my aim is still somewhat off.." Alfred laughed at himself before he attempted to aim his gun at the vampire once more.

"Maybe you should just give up being a hunter at all" Lovino growled, apparently the two had met before as he knew exactly who he was talking to. He let the man aim the gun at him, what happened next was only a matter of seconds..


You woke up slowly, it took you a moment to realise you were in a somewhat dark room with a dim light. If it wasn't for the bed sheets covering you, you'd probably feel rather cold from the stone surroundings. You sat yourself up in the bed, noticing a small plate of food on a small nightstand next to the bed. Before you reached out to it, the first thing you did instead was feel your shoulder, a bandage was wrapped around it.

Oh that's right, you were shot in your shoulder before you passed out back there after all. But now the only mystery left was where exactly you were now, you finally took your time and ate some of the food that was on the tray. In the meantime you tried to collect yourself a bit, and eventually you got up from the bed and went over to the door.

The door wasn't locked at all, which gave you access to explore the castle-like place. You made your way through the hallways, the area seemed a bit too quiet for your likes. You didn't feel right about it at all, but you were curious at the same time. You passed through the hallways, entering rooms here and there.. until you found something rather interesting.

There was a picture you found lying around on a shelf you happened to pass by and it was the only photo you found during the entire explore so far, there were six people on the photo. Looking from the far right to the left, the first person was a Dutchman.. he didn't look happy at all, more or less irritated about something. Then there was this Belgium lady happily holding hands with a Spanish person, and next to them you recognized the guy as the vampire that tried to hurt your friend.. it made you growl for a second there.

You came to the conclusion that all of these people were probably vampires as well, the last two people.. one you figured was the brother of the vampire that you attacked, and lastly there was this German looking guy. It looked like some messed up family photo as you put it back down, and it made you wonder what happened after you passed out before.

With a picture like this lying around the only thing you figured that this castle was probably his after all, you decided to continue your way. Walking down yet another hallway you eventually heard sounds of footsteps coming your way, it made you stop. You listened carefully, until the figure came up in sight from the other side of the hall you were in.

It only took a second to realize that this was the vampire guy from before, Lovino. When his green eyes connected with yours it caused you to look down slightly, because it did something with you.. you felt your heart pounding for some reason, you couldn't really like this idiot, right?

The both of you remained silent as he approached you, his curl bouncing gently with each step he took. He did look rather grumpy though, and still no word once he attempted to pass you by as well, you didn't stop the vampire either way.

"Thanks" Is the only word that came from your mouth as you let Lovino pass by, you heard him shrug as he continued his way which made you curious.. wondering where the man was going off to.

You waited a while to make sure he wasn't going to suspect you were following him as you started to follow him, you followed him up to a room you hadn't been to yet.

"What do you want now?" Lovino suddenly asked on a rather annoyed tone, there was no doubt that he knew you were following him.

"You could at least try to be a bit nicer you know?" You pouted as you entered the room without permission, your eyes were on Lovino the whole time.. but then you reminded yourself of the picture you saw.

"Do you miss your family?" He seemed to get what you were on about when you asked your question, but he remained quiet for a while before he even bothered to speak.

"Those people are nothing like family.. except for Fratello" He finally said.

You hesistated slightly, but you stepped closer to Lovino slowly. You heard a deep sigh coming from the other, and you quickly embraced him from behind, causing the vampire to jerk sligthtly.. but he didn't struggle and eased up in a few minutes.

"I can be your family.." You softly spoke.

Don't be ridiculous.. humans and vampires can't be together..
Requested by :iconnekogurl96:

I'm tempted to write a second and last part to this.. write about all the people in the said photo the reader found, because it doesn't look finished to me at all.. but then again I liked the way I ended it somehow xD

But since it's a request I just don't do that usually, I have my own ideas I'm writing out as well at the same time lol

For your info, I do feel bad that I made Lovino impossible to reach in this.. but I didn't know how else to end it since I don't want to repeat it like other stories on the same way x3

Hope you enjoyed anyway :3

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or You.
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michiganlovesromano Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 Limk If its done plz? Part 2
This is so amazing!!! You should make part 2 and ending with a little citrus if ya know what I mean Honhonhon~^^
my sister: hey sis so does mr.romano sparkle?

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Reader:so do you sparkle?
Rosie295 Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
MisakiAyzawa Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
awww is there a second chapter?
EPICninjaSAUCE Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Sorry but I have to say it...

starrynights1987 Jul 14, 2012  Student Writer
Man this is really good I wish you would write more if possible pretty please with cherries on top!! :heart:
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