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March 2, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
It was one of those usual days, the sun was shining brightly and you weren't sure what to do. Until you remembered something, you were told that you could find him on the beach if you needed him. Well, when wasn't there a time you wouldn't need Antonio?

You headed for the beach after making sure you ate something, but once you got to your destination things became a little difficult. It was busy, it could have been expected. You didn't bother to put on a bikini or anything, because you only wanted to check up on him. You walked through the light colored sand, making sure not to trip over people in the meanwhile.

And eventually you saw him, Antonio happened to be lying on his towel, bathing in the sun. You sneaked your way over to the Spaniard, and you reached out once you were hovering over him, it was surprising how he didn't seem to notice you yet at all.. But then again, he was lying on his stomach so his back was facing you.

"I think that lovely bottom could use an extra tan, niño" You spoke, and with a sudden swoop you tugged on the top of the swimming trunks, to peer into it without pulling them down.

Antonio suddenly jerked when you made your move, his bright emerald eyes shot open and his hand reached out, grabbing your wrist to pull you away from his bottom.

"I appreciate your interest, chica. But it's off limits in public" At least he could laugh about it, which made you grin in return.

You liked teasing the Spaniard for all he was worth. You watched as Antonio sat up, and you pressed yourself against his body, embracing the man.

"So why are you here, you're looking good enough already" You smiled up at him, feeling his soft skin pressed against you.

"Some people just like to relax a little from stressful days" Antonio chuckled, which made you pout in return a little. You knew all about him and his job, so you understood it.

"Then how about we go somewhere out of the public?" You suggested, that same grin from before appeared on your face.

Before the Spaniard had much time to decide something you were already dragging him along across the streets, back to his house. You laughed when you hooked your arm with Antonio's, which he didn't seem to mind at all.

But once you reached his house the whole situation turned around when he suddenly pressed you with your back against the wall after taking one step inside, you blushed slightly when you realized he was still in his swimming trunks and he had thrown the towel aside, had he planned this?

"Now did you still want to see that precioso bottom of mine?" Antonio grinned, he grabbed one of your wrists as you were trapped between him and the wall, and he moved your hand to the top of his trunks. You could feel your heart beating faster as he started messing with you, he willingly helped you pull down his trunks a little inch.

You then made your move, you pulled Antonio close to you, capturing his lips with yours. At first he seemed surprised, but that wasn't the case at all. Because you felt him gently pushing his tongue inside your mouth, it played with your tongue for a moment before the kiss was broken. His hand snaked down to your skirt while his bright green eyes were staring right into yours, you didn't hold him back at all when he pulled it down and it was off within seconds along with your underwear.

Antonio's hand went down once more, his warm hand slowly slid down near it. Two of his fingers went inside. You let out a soft moan as you felt them inside of you, your legs started feeling a little weak, but Antonio prevented you from falling by pressing his own body against yours gently. You started to feel warm inside when you felt his fingers move slowly, letting out another set of moans as you closed your eyes.

You felt Antonio growing hard himself as he was still pressing himself against you, and you felt slightly disappointed when he suddenly pulled away his fingers again and lifted you from the ground in bridal style. You let out a soft whimper because of the sudden need, and Antonio understood it when he carried you into a quiet little room, and put you down on the bed.

He crawled on top of you, straddling you. You let Antonio do his thing as he tugged your shirt off, and it eventually fell to the floor. The same went for his trunks, as he slid them off and threw them aside. He positioned himself, his hands reaching out to have your fingers intertwined with his fingers.

You let out a cry when you felt Antonio thrust inside, there was no pain at all.. more or less sheer pleasure instead. Moans filled the room as he mercilessly pounded into you, the pleasure was so great that kept going faster and faster. You couldn't hold it much longer when you let out a last cry right when he tensed, releasing his seeds into you.

You panted heavily when Antonio collapsed ontop of you, still connected. He wrapped his arms around you, keeping you close to him. You tiredly moved one of your hands, placing it on his bottom.

"Y-yeah.. your bottom is precioso" You panted out, it was followed by a little laugh from Antonio.

Seems your day turned out pretty damn good after all..
Requested by :iconkandalavisasukeriku:, to write a Spain x Reader Lemon with the reader having some dirty sense of humor.. which kinda failed in my opinion xD

Don't ask me.. my face was all like :iconamericafuckedupplz: through the whole thing..

So I have nothing to say x:

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia in any way.
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