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May 2, 2012
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The bright yellow color of the sunflowers always brought so much delight to you, you didn't regret starting such a store in a rather cold area like this, it was quite successfull after all. You really didn't have trouble to get your stockings to the store either, you knew a very nice company that sold them and brought them over to you for cheap prices.

You didn't only sell sunflowers, but those were definitely the most popular in town. The bright yellow color usuall stood out from the various of others you had around, and you actually liked that. You just happened to be busying yourself with cleaning the store when a well known customer of yours came in, it had been like a lucky strike since he came in the first day you had opened the place.

"Good day to you, Ivan~" You happily greeted the Russian as his purple eyes curiously scanned the contents of your store, he always brought his warm smile along with him which brightened you up a lot as well.

"Da, it's nice to see you again, _______" He smiled in return at your greeting.

You let Ivan wander around as usual while you continued to do your thing, it wasn't really a secret to you but he didn't know it that you actually started to feel something for the man, nor have you had the courage to tell him so. Ivan always smiled so kindly, it made your heart beat faster each time you met him like that. You honestly wouldn't have thought there would be anyone like him that loved sunflowers so much.

"Say.. can we meet sometime later today after your job is done?" You didn't see it coming at all when Ivan asked his question while he was picking some flowers, you just happened to be cleaning the counter while waiting for the other to checkout. You didn't realize it until later that you were blushing, but you tried to remain calm nontheless.

"U-uhm sure, why not?" You say in return, causing Ivan to lit up so much, his usual smile grew even bigger. You helped Ivan checkout the sunflowers when he came over to the counter, waving him off after he told you the place to go and the time to meet.

By the time you closed your store you prepared yourself for the meeting, making sure to at least put on some clothes that looked presentable rather than the messy outfit that was covered in green from all the flowers, you were glad that you always had some spare clothes laying around in the back of the store. Once you were done you stepped out of the building into the snowy scenery ahead of you, following the path to go to the said meeting place.

You couldn't deny that you liked snow from time to time, the bright white that covered almost every object was always new to your eyes every day. You could hear the fresh snow crunch underneath your feet with each step you took, nearing the park within minutes as it wasn't very far away from your shop. It seems nobody was around yet when you reached the bench Ivan told you about, it stood just before a small frozen pond.. even so the view was nice.

You beared with the cold as you shoved some snow off of the bench in order to sit down, you were about five minutes early but that wasn't too bad. In the meanwhile you decided to help yourself with a sandwich, it was quite a while ago since lunch after all.

You frowned as time passed, checking your watch it was now 4:30 pm.. you had litterally been sitting there for slightly more than half an hour now. The thought that Ivan was just messing with you popped up, but you quickly shook it out of your head, he wouldn't do such a thing, would he? You sighed as you stood up from the seat, the cold was getting to you now, so you figured not to wait much longer. You obviously didn't have his number or anything either, so you couldn't call him, you decided to just go home.

"_______!" You flinched, turning to see Ivan after hearing his familiar voice shout out for you. You couldn't help but put up a little smile as he approached you, it made you glad that you didn't start to walk off just yet.

"You're late, you really made me freeze out here" You said with a little giggle, causing Ivan to quickly apologize before he suddenly wrapped his arm around you to pull you close to him, which caused you to blush heavily.

"I guess I'll have to keep you warm then" You looked up at Ivan's happy expression, it made you wonder if he'd ever get mad or anything. It didn't matter much, since it made you feel all warm and cozy each time you saw him smiling like that.

"Let's go over to my place, it's not far off now, da?" You didn't really think about it when you nodded, and Ivan started leading you through the snowy scenery. You didn't realize it until later that he kept his arm wrapped around your shoulder, making it look like the two of you were a couple, of course there were people looking over at you from time to time but it didn't keep you from being close to your crush, besides.. did he even realize it himself?

You were quite amazed by the large building when the two of you reached it, compared to your tiny apartment this was like a millionair's home. You didn't complain when Ivan led you inside, the hallways weren't quite something you could call 'warm' either. Ivan finally let you go, he couldn't help but point at certain artworks, plants and whatnot when he led you down several hallways.

"Wow, this place is quite surprising. I didn't expect you'd live here at all" You eventually spoke up as you stopped to examine a piece of art some closer.

"Da, I guess. But there is one room I treasure the most here compared to all others" It made you curious when Ivan spoke, but you followed him nontheless when he started walking ahead.

It didn't take long before the two of you reached some large doors, and your eyes lit up in surprise when you saw what was behind these doors. The room was rather large, and it was all filled with sunflowers in pots and vaces. You couldn't help but giggle when you realized Ivan must have been buying all of these from your shop and put them all in this room.

"These are all..?"

"Da, each one of them are from your store" Ivan added the answer to your question while you were searching for words. You blushed when you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind.

"I did it for a reason.." Ivan sounded so happy as he spoke, you looked to your side, your eyes making contact with his purple orbs.

"Because I love you"
Requested by :iconanimelover991:, to write a Russia x Reader and having the Reader work at sunflower shop.

See? With just a simple idea of a location/situation I can at least write something without killing me and end up with an awful idea anyway x3

This story is short(For my usual being at least) and simple, but I like it the way it is I guess, even though it doesn't look complete, just imagine whatever happens next yourself since I didn't get farther than that lol

Well.. I don't have any more to say so I hope you enjoyed it and excuse me if there's any spelling mistakes and stuff xD

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way, nor the preview picture
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MissRedfoxess Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
i love the feels, it's soooo cute!!!
You should write a 2p Russia x reader if you would 
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I love you... so I bought all of your flower pots and put them in a room to keep, even tho you sold them and anticipated to not see them and have customors enjoy them, I hope you like it
I do... ,,0.0,,
Lousiey Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is absolutely adorable!! I love flowers so it makes me happeh
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You make more, Da?
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