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"So, how do I look?" You eagerly asked when you entered the meeting of the Allies, but as usual there were only two of the five countries that even cared. You had just gotten a new set of clothes, and you were excited about it.

"I think you look cute in that, da"  Ivan was the first to speak up, there was his usual smile plastered on his face and his eyes scanned you.

"I agree, it's really nice, aru" Yao was the second one that spoke, these were the only countries that actually paid attention to you within the meetings, unless you were really on about serious business.

As for Arthur, Alfred and Francis, they were the three that were always way too busy discussing how to beat the Axis. They were always arguing with each other, it was annoying sometimes, but it just couldn't be helped. You happily walked over to Ivan and Yao, who happened to be sitting separated from the other three.

You remembered when you first joined the Allies, they were pretty distant.. but eventually Yao was the first person to approach you, especially since you mentioned you didn't really have anywhere to live since you were pretty poor back in the day, so he offered you a room at his house. And eventually Ivan approached you as well, he had his eyes on you from a distance for a while and he offered you to stay at his place as well at some point. And so you decided to switch places each month.

This was just the start of a new month, which meant it was Ivan's turn to take you in again. You remembered the first time you came over to his house, it had this creepy feel to it.. and the Baltics being all nervous the whole time didn't help you in that. But you slowly started to understand why they were like that, since Ivan didn't always act nice towards you.. rather cold instead here and there. But you stood tall, and tried to nicely correct the Russian even though it looked like he didn't appreciate it at first.

"So, are they still on about the Axis? They really need to relax sometimes" You giggled. You unlike them, you weren't taking things serious at all.. mainly because everything was fine to you as long as nobody started attacking each other.

"Of course, they never change, da" Ivan smiled at you when you sat down in between him and Yao, it was rather surprising when Ivan suddenly wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him, but you didn't mind.. you cuddled up to him nontheless with a litle blush.

The meeting went pretty normal, at least you considered it like that since you've never seen anything serious happen. You waved off Yao in the end when the meeting was over, and he told you he was looking forward to the next month again. And when you and Ivan were on the way to go to his house again, you walked hand in hand with the Russian.

"Say Ivan.. do you like me?" You carefully asked at some point. Your grip on his gloved hand tightened slightly, but he smiled at you.

"Da, of course I like you, _______." The Russian replied, but you felt it wasn't enough to confirm anything for you.

"I mean.. do you like like me?" You asked it once more. But all of a sudden Ivan stopped walking, causing you to stop as well. You looked into his purple eyes, he still smiled.

"I guess that's something you'll have to figure out yourself, da?" Since that reply you felt odd, did Ivan really like you, or was he just messing around with you? Apparently there was only one way to figure that out.


The two of you were greeted by the Baltics once you made your way into Ivan's house, they looked somewhat more relaxed somehow, but still slightly nervous at the same time. Ivan excused himself to go up to his office, and you decided to hang out with the Baltics for a bit. You followed them to a separate room to have something to drink.

"What do you guys think, does Ivan have feelings for me?" You asked them to the point, although you were somewhat shy about it.

"U-uhm.. Who knows, you should stay positive no matter what he thinks, right?" Raivis was somehow the first one to speak up, none of the three seemed to have any answer they could give to your question. While Toris busied himself to fill the cups with tea, Eduard seemed to be stuck in his thoughts for a bit.

"I guess so.." You said in return when a cup of tea was shoved in front of you.

"Do you remember that time you planted those sunflower seeds before you left last time, ______?" Eduard suddenly seemed to have snapped out of his thoughts to ask you that, and you nodded. You recalled planting a couple of seeds in a small pot, but you didn't know what happened to it since you left right the day after to go over to Yao's place.

"Now that you mention it, I recall not being allowed to get near one specific sunflower, it was scary the way Ivan reacted" Toris attempted to speak calmly, but he was somewhat nervous when he thought back to that time.

"Aha~ So there is something about me that he calls precious" You giggled. You quickly drank the tea, and you made your way towards Ivan's office quickly.

Once reaching the door, you knocked. But there was no answer, after knocking once more without an answer you reached out to the door knob, surprisingly it wasn't locked at all. When entering you closed the door behind you and you observed the office, there were several small pots standing on various places, and there was one rather large pot near the window.

You curiously walked over to the biggest sunflower that was near the window, it had this bright yellow color which made it very pretty.

"You like it, da?" You were startled by the heavy Russian accent, which made you turn around to see Ivan standing at the door.

"Of course I like it.." You said in return as Ivan approached you, you could see this shine in his purple eyes you couldn't describe.

"I'm glad.." Ivan said, placing his hand on your shoulder. "Because that's the sunflower you planted before you left last time" Ivan sounded so happy when he said that, and suddenly he embraced you, causing you to blush. But you slowly wrapped your own arms around him in return, smiling as you pressed the side of your head against his chest.

"It's warm like this.." You whispered. Sometimes the house felt rather cold after all. You suddenly felt yourself being lifted from the ground, and you were carried over to a nearby chair. Ivan sat down on it, setting you on his lap.

"Then we should stay like this for a while, da?" Ivan's smile was so calming, it made you embrace the Russian all over again.

It made you want to stay like this for a long time..
Requested by :iconcrimsoncolours:

I tried to write the fluff stuff like asked, but I'm really not into the sweet stuff myself.. actually I'm pretty uncomfortable myself if someone tends to hug me.. I lack the love in my life after all, I do everything alone xD

It's also the first time ever that I wrote Russia, but I tried. I'm not disappointed at all somehow lol

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.
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