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February 26, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
"You are safe now.." Lovino's voice was so soft, so caring.

His green eyes stared into yours, your face was only inches away from Lovino's. You sat on his lap, your arms were wrapped around his neck, and you were sad. You couldn't set the sounds of gunfires out of your mind, you were scared. But Lovino was there, so it was alright. You were now sitting there with him in the dark on the edge of the bed, the moonlight shining on the both of you through the large window-like doors, making every move visible.

You closed your eyes, and you could feel Lovino's thumb gently rub away your tears. You didn't open them anymore when you felt a pair of soft lips pressing against yours, and you accepted it. The feeling of his tongue roaming around inside your mouth, it felt so right. His hands moved in the middle of the kiss, fumbling with the fabric of your shirt. Slowly you felt your shirt being lifted slightly, up to your breasts.

You felt his warm hands on your cold skin, and once the kiss was broken you panted slightly. He lifted your shirt more, taking your bra along until they were removed and thrown aside, exposing your upper body completely. You blushed, and it deepened when your eyes met with Lovino's green orbs once more, you could feel your heart race.

Without realizing it you reached out.. taking off Lovino's jacket before you started unbuttoning his shirt. And then he leaned in, you felt his lips press against your neck. You let out a soft sigh when you felt the sucking movements, it made your body tremble, causing you to have some difficulty in unbuttoning his shirt.. but eventually you managed it and that piece of cloth joined your shirt on the floor.

The moment was so tense, you pressed your chest against Lovino's.. causing the both of you to gently fall over on the soft sheets on the bed, you were now on top of him. You leaned in, sharing a second kiss. You could feel his hand roam at the top of your skirt, and his hand fiddled its way into it slowly. As if on cue you moved your hand down to his pants when the kiss broke, unbuttoning it. You sat up slowly while doing so.

Your hand teased him as you slipped your way into his pants, some soft moans slipped his lips as your fingers stroked his erection. You could feel his body shiver underneath you, and there was a light blush on his face. The sounds of his voice were so sweet, you wanted more. Pulling down his pants slightly, you started pumping the length gently. You felt his hand freeze near your hole for a moment, he blushed a deep red as he grew hard.

You let out a moan yourself once you felt Lovino's hand move once more, one of his fingers entering you with a slow motion. Your hands moved away from his erection, up to his chest. Another set of moans slipped from your lips when a second finger was added, the blush on your face deepened as the fingers sped up. You started to get desperate when his fingers retreated, taking them out.

Before you knew it the both of you were completely exposed, lying together. Lovino had now moved to position himself, you were lying with your back on the soft sheets. His hands were on your hips, his warm hands rubbing them with care. You let out a little moan, the feeling of his soft hands was overwhelming.

"Ti Amo.." Lovino whispered, his voice was full of lust. His green eyes were scanning your body with delight, yet his expression remained as it was.

You let out a cry when you felt him entering you, there was a sting of pain when he did.. but that was washed away a moment later when he was fully in, his hands were teasing your hips.. they tickled you for a bit, distracting you from the pain. He didn't move yet, his green orbs found your eyes once more when you opened yours slowly. You calmed down from the pain, your body shivering from the need instead, and he saw it.

The first movement was rough, causing you to moan out. But he saw it when you started to adjust to the slow movements, making him pick up the speed. The bed creaked lightly, and you were lost in delight. Moans and grunts filled the small room, each thrust and each move.. it felt so good. Your body shivered, it felt so endless, yet too short.

You arched your back, a last thrust was made and you felt the warm seeds enter you. You let out an exhausted sigh when Lovino pulled out, lying down next to your hot and sweaty body. His arms wrapped around you and he pulled you close to him, pressing his body against yours. There you lay, in his arms. You moved and rested your head on his chest, your body still tingled slightly.

You smiled as you wrapped your arms around Lovino's body in return, since you were exhausted you closed your eyes. You felt so safe with your lover, that you didn't realize the gunfires had dropped outside.. that the war either stopped or they retreated for now. You were so glad that Lovino was there to get you away from the dangerous battlefield, it was so terrifying.

You felt the sheets of the bed move underneath you, and was moved to cover you and Lovino's body. There were a couple of words before you fell asleep in Lovino's arms, and you would never forget them..

"Ti amo così tanto.."
Ti Amo = I love you
Ti amo cosė tanto = I love you so much

It's been ages since I wrote a lemon, and I guess you can read that too. Well if I'm going to be honest, I've only ever written Yaoi lemons before.. so yeah xD

It was hard to find a proper preview picture with just Romano.. because there's Spamano EVERYWHERE even when you just search for Romano, at least I found something in the end.. Gtfo Spain :< (No offense, I like Spain.. he just doesn't belong in this fic xD)

Rather than pasting some giant story around it I decided to just get straight to the point you know, I wanted to see how I would write a lemon again. And it took me days, because I always struggle to find the right words to use.. if you understand what I mean.

Why Romano? Because I once asked if people wanted a lemon in one of my previous fanfictions.. but my mind changed so fast that I removed that description within minutes, but someone did reply to it back then saying Romano was wanted only.. so that's why I had the idea to just write about him.

Feliciano is cute too.. but nah, maybe I'll ever write a lemon of him.. if I get an awesome idea sometime xD

Would you believe it if I said I was there behind a door, filming every single second of this event with a camcorder while covering Feli's mouth to prevent him from screaming out? :3
The writer does exist in stories guys.. You just never know when one tends to be lurking on you 8D

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.
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