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You ran as fast as you could, your clothes were soaked from the heavy rain that was falling yet you were stubborn enough to continue to run thinking it was any help to keep you from getting more soaked. Your feet made contact with a puddle of water here and there, splashing the water up only to make things worse and get you more and more wet. You were longing for a long a warm shower, it would really cheer you up since you didn't expect this weather to pop up while it was so sunny a while ago.

Softly you cursed under your breath as you kept moving, you weren't even near your house, instead you found yourself in the middle of the local park. You slowly got yourself to a halt to catch your breath.

"Maybe I should just walk home after all.." You murmured to yourself when you calmed down, you indeed continued your way by regularly walking instead.

"B-bruder.." You froze when you heard a weak cry as you were about to leave the park area, it was soft.. almost a whisper. You scanned the area, not really sure where the voice came from. You didn't really see anything in particular either, which made you frown.

You took a step, only to hear the soft cry again. This time you turned your head to the source of the sound, and then you spotted something. You could barely see it, but there was someone sitting at the back of a tree.. all you saw was a piece of some blonde hair. You slowly approached the tree, walking around it until you got a clear view of the said being. It was a halfbreed of a neko, he weakly sat in the grass with his back pressed against the tree. His blonde hair was a mess, soaked from the rain which partly hid his deep blue eyes.. he stared down at the ground though.

"E-excuse me.." You shyly called, catching his attention since the blonde pair of neko ears that stuck from his hair twitched for a moment. The neko slowly moved his head up to look at you, he didn't really respond, he merely stared at you as if he was about to faint.

"A-are you okay?" You asked as you slowly approached the neko to make sure he wouldn't suddenly attack you or anything of the sorts, he didn't seem to plan such a thing at all.. but his eyes narrowed when you got closer with each step. When you finally reached the neko you became hesitant, your hand carefully reached out.. placing your hand against his forehead, you quickly took your hand back when you saw the neko flinch because of your cold hand.. but you pressed the back of your hand back against his forehead when you saw he didn't do anything, you were surprised to figure out he was burning.

"You can't just stay here like this.. U-uhm.. how about you come with me?" You didn't really think when you asked, but the neko seemed to lit up to it slightly.

"P-please do" He finally spoke in return for a first time, the German accent is what you caught right away. After you offered your hand and he took it you gently started guiding him down the streets, you eyed him from time to time to make sure he was okay.. the neko wobbled quite a bit. You didn't want silence to take over too much during the walk in the pouring rain, so you hummed thoughtfully for just a second.

"So.. do you have a name? I'm _______." You commented, glad that you somehow managed to break the silence, even if just for a couple of seconds.

"Ja, my name is Ludwig" His voice cracked lightly, he sounded so tired.. it was cute, in a way.

The rest of the walk was pretty quiet, you did learn a little about him, but you decided to leave him be since he sounded a bit irritated at some point. Once you got to your house, you were surprised that Ludwig actually let you help him to tidy himself up a bit, and once that all was done you ended up putting the somewhat taller man to bed.. he fell asleep pretty quickly, it was a good thing.

~*~*~*Time skip*~*~*~

"It's been three days since West left that spot while I told him to wait, mein gott.." Gilbert growled. He only left Ludwig alone for about ten minutes in order to get some food, it was already hard enough living on the streets.. let alone taking care of his sick brother at the same time. Of course he was worrying about his brother, he would never leave his spot when he was told to wait.

At the least the rain had stopped within those days, but it became difficult to pick up Ludwig's scent. It was probably about the tenth time Gilbert returned to that tree in that park where he left his younger brother before, his silver neko ears were flat to his head and his tail just hung weakly.. who knows who could have taken him along, it could be an abusive person for all he knew!

Gilbert suddenly lit up when he sniffed more closely, he got it.. the scent he needed. Wherever it was going to lead him.. he would definitely save his brother.


You were happy to see that Ludwig's health had improved by a lot during these three days, he became a lot more talkactive, and slightly bossy at time if there was really something he didn't want.. but you didn't mind it in the end, you were even thinking of keeping the poor guy in since you knew he'd end up living on the streets all over again.

You happened to be folding your laundry in the living room at the sofa with the window opened today while Ludwig had told you he was outside in the backyard, you hummed lightly while the light breeze of air came to you through the window. You weren't aware of one thing though, but you did feel it.. you were being watched, but you ignored it, it was probably nothing.

Little did you know once you were done with your laundry, when you turned around you were met with a pair of red eyes, they were only inches away from your face.. causing you to shriek. But before you could react properly afterwards you found yourself pinned underneath the newcoming neko ontop of the sofa, you saw him sniff the air once more before his deep red eyes narrowed on you.

"You reek of West's scent, what did you do to him you kidnapper?!" The neko, Gilbert hissed. His own smell made you want to pinch your nose, besides that he looked like a mess.. there was dried mud all over his skin and clothes which were quite raggy. You saw how his silver tail bushed up as if he was about to go fist to fist with another of his kind, which made you feel nervous quite a bit. You weren't sure what to do, you merely let out a faint cry when you felt his grip tighten on your arms as he held you down.

"Bruder!" You looked up to see Ludwig approaching the two of you, and a moment later you let out a sigh of relief when Gilbert was pulled away from you by the back of his collar. You slowly sat up, watching the silver haired neko struggle in the other's grip.

"I was worried sick, West! Why did you leave me alone out there?!" Gilbert yelled. Ludwig barely responded at first, but suddenly he pulled his brother close to himself in an embrace.

"Calm down, bruder. I only did it for my health since she offered it, and besides _______ didn't mind it at all, she's nice" Ludwig calmly spoke. Somehow Gilbert started calming down quite a bit, he just pouted childishly at some point.. but his tail turned back from its puffy look to normal.

"Don't ever mess with me like that again.." You couldn't help but giggle at how calm Gilbert became in Ludwig's arms, it was weird.. but cute at the same time.

"W-wait.. you're his brother?" You suddenly asked curiously, causing Gilbert to finally turn to look at you, this time he had a grin on his face.. he sure changed quickly.

"Ja, of course! What else do you expect?" Gilbert was finally released from the embrace, his silver colored tail was swaying back and forth as he stepped over to you.

"I expect you to take a bath if you plan to stay here" You countered, pinching your nose again in the process. You put up a grin in return when you saw Gilbert pout for a moment, apparently he wasn't too fond of water after all the rain anymore.

"So.. you wouldn't mind us living here if I do?" You giggled when Gilbert questioned you just to assure he wouldn't go through something he didn't like without a reason.

"Sure, I won't mind"

~*~*~*Time skip again*~*~*~

Ever since then things changed, it was another three days later by now. Gilbert became quite the playful type after Ludwig managed to help him bathe without causing too much trouble, not only that but he often searched for your attention.. so you often found the silver haired neko hanging around you if he wasn't around his younger brother.

It was one of those days you were lazing around, reading a book. It wasn't surprising anymore that Gilbert was laying stretched out on the sofa with you, his head resting on your legs while you were reading. Ludwig happened to be sitting right next to you on the other side, his arm gently wrapped around your shoulders. You had to admit that having these neko's in your house had brightened up the place by a lot, it made you less lonely too.

"______." Your attention was grabbed when Gilbert suddenly called your name, you looked down at the neko, eying his blood red eyes with a 'Hm?'

"Ich liebe dich.." You blushed from the sudden confession, at first you were in slight doubt.. but then you noticed how serious Gilbert looked when he spoke, he would normally laugh his usual laugh if he was joking around.

Before you got the chance to reply back your chin was suddenly tilted to your right where Ludwig sat, his lips pressed against yours as you were now fully embraced by the blonde neko. You felt him asking for entry, his tongue was gently stroking across your soft lips. You didn't think, allowing him to kiss you passionately.. you parted your lips slightly, feeling his tongue slip inside. He explored every inch of your hot carvern, stroking your tongue in return afterwards. You heard a displeased growl coming from Gilbert once the kiss broke at some point, which made you look down at the now slightly irritated neko.

Gilbert suddenly reached out, taking the book from your hand to put it away with a single stretch of his arm. Without warning he pulled you down to crash his lips with yours, he was somewhat more forceful than Ludwig, instead of asking for entrance he just made his way inside.. the kiss grew rather passionate, but eventually you had to break the kiss to get some air, a deep red blush spread across your face.

"W-what the hell-" You were cut off, a squeak slipped your lips when you felt a warm hand on your bare skin.. underneath your shirt.

Your eyes went wide when you saw Ludwig's arm disappear into your shirt from the bottom up, before you could do anything about it he wrapped his other arm around your waist, pulling you to sit on his lap once Gilbert finally removed his head from your lap by sitting up. A gasp slipped your lips when you suddenly felt Gilbert's lips on your neck, sucking on your skin in a gentle manner.. you could feel and hear his purring while he was at it. At the same time you felt Ludwig's hand slowly stroke upwards, it made you shiver.. your heart was pounding rapidly once it reached your breasts.

Your bra was carefully moved up enough to expose your breasts underneath your shirt, unable to help yourself you closed your eyes.. the attention of the two was starting to make you feel warmer all the more. Ludwig's hand squeezed your breast with care, while his free hand lifted your shirt and bra until they were off.. exposing your upper body.

It was pure bliss that made you shiver when you felt two pairs of hands roam around your bare skin, one of Gilbert's hands was on your leg just underneath your skirt, while the other was placed firmly on your hip. He stopped sucking on the skin of your neck, his piercing red eyes looking at you, examining your body as the hand on your leg gentlly and slowly rubbed it.. moving upwards towards your undies.

Ludwig's hand moved away from your breast, you felt his thumb and index finger on your chin, tilting your head to meet up with Ludwig's deep blue eyes. He leaned in to you, capturing your lips into a passionate kiss once more. A muffled moan slipped you when you felt Gilbert's finger rubbing your entrance through the thin fabric of your underwear, and once the kiss broke you couldn't help it.. another few moans came out when you felt a second finger joining the first one in rubbing against the entrance, this time it was one of Ludwig's.

Their free hands reached out to the rim of your skirt once they stopped pleasuring you, they slowly pulled down the skirt along with your underwear, it joined the rest of your clothes on the floor. Now fully exposed your blushed deepend, especially as you watched Gilbert unzipping his pants to take out his already hardened member. Ludwig did the same, but since you were still on his lap it was easier for him to make the first move.

You felt yourself being lifted slightly, only to let out a deep throated moan when you felt Ludwig's length enter your backside completely as you were pushed down. You leaned back against Ludwig, taking his hand in yours as Gilbert slowly approached. He pushed your legs apart in order to get access to your entrance, he kept his hands to hold your legs up a little as he positioned himself. The next thing you knew you let out another moan of lust as you felt Gilbert's member sliding inside slowly until it was fully inside as well, which made you sigh of relief.. they gave you time to adjust while you were sandwiched between the two nekos.

You took Gilbert's hand into your remaining free hand, squeezing both of the hands you now held tightly. Eventually you bucked yourself lightly, letting go of a couple of moans as you did. Gilbert started moving slowly as well, causing you to squeeze their hands more with each thrust. You heard his grunts and pants through your own moans as he was thrusting into you at his own comfortable pace, you lost yourself in the pure bliss.

Ludwig bucked himself upwards as well, causing your moans to grow louder and louder. Your body shivered, the pleasure was getting so much that it drove towards the edge. However Gilbert was the first one to come, his sweaty and sticky body was pressed against yourself as he gave one last thrust, groaning loudly as you felt the warm seeds release deep within you.. you reached your own orgasm a few moments later, but you let out another moan of delight when you felt Ludwig release from the walls that were closing around on his member.

They did pull themselves out, but you didn't want to move from your position yet. You wanted to stay between them, so when you let go of their hands you wrapped your arms around Gilbert, pulling him close to you in an embrace while you were still leaning back against Ludwig's chest.

You didn't regret taking these nekos in at all, in fact they made you feel complete..
Requested by :icontheawesomeoneprussia: and :iconbeneaththeshadows1: To write a Germany x Reader x Prussia lemon.

Well.. this is partly a 3 in 1 request since I wanted to do something with nekos now, and since I didn't know what to write for this couple(Also the reason why I only wrote one story for the same request), this random mess came out of it xD

It's so random and looks so out of character that I hope it didn't confuse anyone lol

Nothing more to say than that, I tried x:

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.
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