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May 28, 2012
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The ticking of the clock.. it was slowly driving you insane. But you couldn't help but wonder when Ludwig and Gilbert would return. At least you had chores that needed to be done at distract you from it here and there. You sighed as you dipped your hand into the soapy water to clean the rest of the dishes. It instantly reminded you how you got here, and you were grateful about it. You as a country, you could have died back then after all.

It was a time where you were very deperate. You happened to be so poor that you could barely stand up and take care of your land, yet nobody wanted to help you and they called you a good-for-nothing country. The only reason they did that is because they were positive that they would only lose money themselves if they took you in and had to help your place back up. Because they were sure nothing good would happen and that you were beyond help, it was a horrible time.

In the end it was just Ludwig that recognized you. No matter what other countries tried to do to convince him to leave you behind, he didn't listen to them at all. He was sure that with enough help you could become strong enough to go back to taking care of yourself. So you were offered a job, to take care of Ludwig's house and keep it clean. And in return he would help you to get your country out of debts and what not. Of course you took it, since it was the only help you were offered.

And here you were, doing the dishes while Ludwig had gone off to work. You had met Gilbert, once known as Prussia when you were just taken in. You thought he was nice, but sometimes his ego went so far. He often was out to help Ludwig with his job though, he said it was the least he could do.

But you did have hopes, of course. You remember once meeting one of Ludwig's friends, Feliciano. He once told you a story that he had been in a similar situation when he was little, which comforted you quite a bit. But in the end you had to comfort the Italian instead once he brought up this guy named 'Holy Roman Empire'. It wasn't bad, and thanks to Feliciano you became determined that you would be just fine in the end.

You sighed as you finished the dishes, neatly stacking the plates and other items in their rightful cupboards. Today you seemed to be done rather early compared than other days, so you decided to go ahead and lay down on the sofa. But it wasn't long until you heard the front door open and close.

"I'm home, frau!" Gilbert's voice was heard from the hallway. You quickly sat up when you saw him approaching you eventually.

"Welcome back, isn't Ludwig with you today?" You curiously asked. Normally the taller man would be coming back together with the Prussian. You watched as Gilbert sat down next to you on the sofa, a small grin playing on his face as he stroked his hand through his silver colored hair.

"Nein, he said he still had to take of things so he'll be back later. So I decided to go on ahead" Gilbert spoke. You looked at him once he fell silent afterwards. There seemed to be a somewhat bothersome look in his red eyes, as if he was thinking whether to say a certain thing or not. You decided to keep quiet as well, unsure what to say after all.

"You know.." Gilbert suddenly started, breaking the silence. You curiously responded with a small hum.

"I hate to admit it.. but I'm quite jealous of you and West" Gilbert chuckled lightly. On one hand, you were rather surprised when he said this, but on the other hand you couldn't blame him since you became quite close with Ludwig.

"Why would you be jealous?" You decided to ask it anyway. Gilbert shrugged, a faint blush spreading across his face. He looked away a bit before he continued.

"Because West always hangs around with you. He helps you finish your chores if you're not done with them yet, he often comes to sit around with you, and then that confession.. broke me.." Gilbert sighed. His red eyes coming in contact with your as he suddenly turned to you, and he took your hands gently.

"_______, Ich liebe dich" You didn't realize you blushed when Gilbert confessed. It was true that Ludwig had done the same weeks ago, but there wasn't anything official going on between the two of you yet. Apparently it got to Gilbert that you had been hanging around Ludwig a lot.

You weren't sure what to do, or how to reply. So rather than thinking about it you quickly pulled your hands away from Gilbert, sitting back a bit. However, you could see that Gilbert didn't seem to be kidding about it at all. He had a stare of guilt in his eyes, and he didn't attempt to do anything. Maybe he didn't want to make the wrong moves on you since he didn't want you to get more distant of him.

"Do you really.. mean that?" You finally asked, causing Gilbert to look at you. His red eyes connected with your once more as he nodded.

"Of course.." Gilbert spoke. You didn't mind it this time as he approached you a second time. His eyes were still staring into yours, they never left each other.

You couldn't really tell what happened next, when you felt his soft lips brush against yours. A moment later he pressed them fully against your lips, and you could feel his tongue stroking across your own lips, pleading to gain access. You didn't know why, but you complied, allowing the Prussian to explore every inch of your cavern. When you closed your eyes you could feel his arm snake around your waist, pulling you closer to the other. It wasn't long before the kiss was broken, and the both of you panted lightly for air.

"I'd suggest you to go to either of your rooms if you like each other so much" The both of you were startled by a rather deep voice. You looked up only to meet Ludwig's deep blue eyes, which were filled with disappointment. It made you wonder how long he had been standing there already.

"H-how long have you been here?" You asked, a deep blush spreading across your face. Gilbert however, even though he still had a faint blush on his face as well he remained keeping you close to him.

"Long enough to see it happening" Ludwig simply replied. But he was suddenly cut through by Gilbert's laughter after he spoke.

"I bet you couldn't take your eyes off of it either!" Gilbert spoke, causing the taller male to blush. You attempted to push yourself away from Gilbert's hold on you but he wasn't planning to release you just yet, it seemed.

"Oh come on, West. I know how much you like ______. Well, you're not on your own there" Gilbert spoke. There was a rather serious tone of voice when he did. You feared something bad was going to happen when Gilbert suddenly stood up and walked over to Ludwig, yet you found yourself unable to do anything about it and just watch.

"It's up to her to choose who she likes more after all, right?" Gilbert teased. You didn't know what to do, or how to reply when they both looked your way. Surely, you liked both of them, but you didn't want to disappoint one of them in the end. It wasn't as if you could just choose someone and act as if it was nothing.

"B-but.." You started, still unsure of what to say.

"Don't worry about it, ______. You don't have to choose" You weren't sure what Ludwig meant as he spoke. He slowly approached you and sat down next to you, since you never moved from your spot on the sofa. You stared into his blue eyes as he looked down at you. Your eyes widened a little when he suddenly pulled you into an embrace, moving you to sit on his lap and face him in the meantime.

"Because as long as I can be around you, it won't matter to me if there is someone else" You couldn't help yourself as you embraced Ludwig in return. It somehow was a relief that you didn't have to choose in the end. What mattered to you the most was that you felt safe, not just with Ludwig, but also with Gilbert. So you were glad that he accepted it when he saw you and Gilbert together just now.

You gasped when you suddenly felt something on the back of your neck. The soft touch of a pair of lips caught you off guard, and the slow, sucking motions made you shiver lightly. His lips curled into a smile on your skin, and you knew that it was Gilbert's doing. You sat up lightly, retreating from the embrace with Ludwig once you felt a hand run across the bare skin of your leg underneath your dress. The careful, and ticklish strokes soon moved up, taking the dress along to undress you.

There you sat with just your undies on. You looked up to Ludwig once more once he tilted your head to do so. He leaned in, pressing his lips against yours, sharing a second kiss but with Ludwig this time. You let out a small whimper in the middle of the kiss once you felt Gilbert's hands undoing your bra and taking it off. It was only a moment later when you felt his hands return to you, gently rubbing your breasts. It caused you to give out a light, muffled moan every now and then.

The kiss broke soon, and you suddenly found yourself being lifted up in bridal style in Ludwig's arms. He carried you down the hallways, and into his bedroom. You were gently placed down on the large bed, your bare back touching the soft sheets as you were placed on top of them. Gilbert then joined in again, crawling ontop of the end of the bed. You shivered as he started teasing you, his fingers gently stroking across your bare skin. You could feel the heat building up slowly when Ludwig took the remaining piece of cloth off of you.

A feeling of pure bliss ran through your body when you felt one of their hands down, near your entrance. A finger circled around it on a teasing manner, causing you to whimper in need. A sudden cry slipped you when your whimpers were listened to. Gilbert's finger slowly made its way inside, you could feel his red eyes on you as he watched you adjust to the stinging feeling. The pain however, quickly started to fade when you felt a second finger being added, and he started moving them slowly. You released a moan with each small thrust that was made, the feeling of the pleasure increased by every move as well.

You were so distracted from being pleasured that you weren't aware of them moving on, until the fingers left you, giving you a rather empty feeling. You looked up, only to see that Gilbert had moved by your side instead. His length was already popped out from his pants. He gently took your hand, leading it to the hardened member that was waiting to be pleasured. At the same time, as you gently started pumping the member you let out a loud moan, one of pure bliss. The filled feeling returned as you realized that Ludwig invaded you.

The heat was getting too much as you felt the intense pleasure when Ludwig moved almost immediately after entering. The quick pain that you felt had soon been replaced by the good feeling that you had longed for, making you want more. The bed creaked softly with each thrust, and the sweat was slowly forming on your forehead. The room was filled with your moans, as well as pants from Gilbert and Ludwig. Ludwig's pace went faster, causing your moans to grow louder. Apparently this turned Gilbert on even more as he retreated from your hand to finish the job by himself, since you were lost in the intense pleasure you were going through.

You couldn't take it much longer, the feeling was driving you crazy. It only took a couple more thrusts, and just one when you and Ludwig let out a loud groan at the same time, coming together. You panted heavily as you felt Ludwig pulling out, and he sat down on the edge of the bed. You however, didn't move from your laying position. Your attention went to Gilbert who finished shortly after the two of you, a chuckle slipping his lips as he looked down at you. Ludwig's hand stroked through your hair a moment later, and you let out a soft yawn.. the tiredness quickly taking over.

"No matter how long you'll stay here, we'll be there for you" Ludwig softly whispered. Your lips curled into a little smile, knowing that you were in the right hands after all.

"I'm sure of it" You replied in return. You were happy where you were now, safely with Ludwig and Gilbert.

However, it wasn't long until you drifted into a peaceful sleep..
Requested by :iconhidanlover94: I was only given the pairing so I took something basic and simple as the story, and even with that it got into the lemon on a weird way.

Why? Because I have a terrible mood lately due to way too much stress and the lack of sleep. So it makes things harder to write. I tried my best, really. But even this story I can't call much good, but I'm not that disappointed with it either.

Oh well, at least I can say I finished it. It took me long enough to get myself to write on currently lol

Feel free to point out mistakes/typos/etc. I will edit them since I didn't really have time to re-read it myself. Thanks in advance :3

Hope you enjoyed it anyway ^^

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.
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