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You were breathing heavily, you couldn't take it any longer. All you ever did was fight to protect yourself as a lonestanding country, you had been fighting for years now yet they didn't stop coming.

The first one that started all the mess, it was Arthur. But when he retreated it was Francis that tried next, and lastly after you were finally left alone by him.. it took only a couple of days for Ludwig to announce he was going to invade you, you had prepared. You weren't huge, unlike all those other countries, but you were strong.. yet you couldn't handle Ludwig, because the other countries had weakened you in their attempts.

Your armies had quickly thinned out, and soon they were gone.. not even one person of it was left standing. You sat there on the ground, your [e/c] were staring down as well since you wanted to avoid any eye contact with the German. Your arms, they were tied in a painful way behind your back to keep you from struggling..

You remembered it just like that, and you hated it. You wanted to shrug off the thought of that day, but it was impossible. Why? Because you were cold and alone in this cell, you had been in here for almost a week now and you broke down already. You never bothered to put your boots back on to protect your feet from the cold, each day your bare feet met the cold floor as you got up from the bed. You sighed as sat there on the cold stone floor today, your arms wrapped around your knees in a futile attempt to warm yourself up, but it was no use.. Even the thin bedsheets the bed provided were no use, they only made you feel colder instead.

Your eyes trailed around the room one more time, all you could face were the cold walls and the single bed that was in there. Your eyes stopped gazing around when your eyes caught the sight of the metal door, you could look through it past the bars.. but all you could see was the darkness of the path that lead away from your room, it was too dark to see any further than a few steps.

Cry, that's what you wanted to do, but you found youself unable to do that since the first attack on your land. Being here, you were barely fed enough.. but it was enough to have you be yourself. Because each time Ludwig came in you fought, you still didn't give up even though you were alone. He tried to explain why he took you with him, but you refused to listen each time. You always told him to leave you alone, and that's how the last couple of days went. He didn't even talk to you, instead he just put down your food and left immediately.

But now you felt alone, there was a slight feeling of regret. It felt like you needed Ludwig's precense, whether he would be there to talk or not. Each time he now passed by you were just grateful to see someone from that outside world since there were no windows within this terrible place either, you weren't even sure if this was underneath his house or an entire different location.

The sounds of faint footsteps echoing through the corridor made you look up, your [e/c] colored eyes stared through the door, peering into the darkness of the hallway once more. You easily recognized him when he came into view, his slicked back blonde hair and his piercing blue eyes.. everything.

You looked away once you heard him unlock the door and step inside, you didn't even greet him and he didn't do it either. All you heard were his footsteps as you blanky stared down at the floor in front of you, he put the usual tray of food down right into your view. You bit your lip when his feet left your sight, this moment would be a now or never situation each day.. in order to change things.

"Lud.." Your voice came out quiet and creaky, your throat was dry since you only ever got some water with your food. You heard his footsteps pause when you called him, but you still didn't dare to look up at him.


"I.." You started off, taking a breath before you continued. "want you to stay" You added. It took a moment, and you didn't expect anything good to happen. You felt a lump in your throat when you heard his footsteps echo through the room once more, afraid that he was just going to leave you there again. You were surprised when his feet came back into view, soon feeling his gloved hand on your chin to tilt your head up in order for you to look at him. You met his blue eyes, they had a look in them which you couldn't describe at all.

"Why? I thought you wanted me to leave you alone so badly" Ludwig dully spoke. You saw his eyes examine you while he was waiting for an answer, and for the first time you could feel tears sting in the back of your eyes but you tried to hold them back desperately.

"I.. I changed my mind" Once you spoke there was a screetching sound for a moment, Ludwig had gently shoved aside the tray of food using his foot, making sure nothing was spilled. You looked at him as he sat down in front of you on his knees, releasing your chin.

"Oh, really?" He asked, a thoughtful hum followed as you nodded.

"What about my offer?" When Ludwig asked this you had to think for a moment. But you remembered the offer he made when you were first forced into this cell, he was expecting you to give in quickly back then. You could feel your heart pounding when you thought about it, and a blush spread across your face. Would you really let him invade you and claim you for himself? You weren't sure how to answer or what to do, but you didn't want to stay in here any longer. He had offered you a better room and treatment in return for it, he was trying to be nice about it.. yet you shoved him off so rudely all the time.

"I.. I agree to it" Those were the only words Ludwig needed when he suddenly pulled you closer to him, your back leaving the ice cold wall. Your heart was beating faster when he embraced you, his blue eyes staring into your [e/c] for a while before he leaned in on you, gently brushing his lips against yours before he fully locked them with your lips.

You felt his tongue slip inside, exploring every single spot inside the warm and wet caverns. You wrapped your arms around his neck, soon feeling his hands fiddle with the buttons of your military jacket to slowly unbutton them, and soon it was thrown aside. Once the kiss was broken you panted softly, his thumb suddenly whiped across your cheeks in a gentle manner.. making you realize just then that you were actually crying.

Unable to help yourself, you pressed your body against Ludwig's, grabbing two fists full of his jacket. You buried your face into his chest, but you remained silent. It didn't matter since you shivered, not only from the cold but also partly from fear of what was going to happen. The warmth of Ludwig's muscular body, you somehow wanted more of it at the same time.. not just the layers that were hiding him. You felt his hand on top of your head, gently stroking through the strands of your [h/c] hair to attempt to comfort you.

"There, there. It will be alright, I will treat you right" He lustfully whispered into your ear, somehow it felt like he wasn't lying at all even though he treated you like trash so far only because you didn't take his offer.

A soft gasp slipped your lips when you felt his Ludwig's tongue trail across your ear, you moved your arms from around his neck to grip the back of his jacket. A moment later his hand was down at the bottom of your shirt, it made its way inside, gently stroking the soft skin that was hidden underneath. You backed away slightly, allowing Ludwig to explore more of your body. You felt his hand go upwards, taking your shirt and bra along to slowly expose your upper body until it was completely off.

Ludwig's lips lightly brushed against the skin of your neck, making sucking movements while moving down slowly. You gasped when you felt him take one of your breasts into his mouth while his hand started teasing the other, you started feeling warmer.. the heat was building up slowly as you moved to grab a part of his blonde hair, messing it up.

You felt his hand leave your breast, moving down your stomach until it reached the belt of your cargo pants. His hand messed around with the belt for a bit, but eventually he managed to get it off, it made you feel small since it loosened your pants by a lot. Your pants were unbuttoned and slowly slid down your legs until they were off, the cold from the room returned quickly.. it made you shiver.

Ludwig took notice of it, he suddenly wrapped his arms around your almost fully exposed body, lifting you up from the cold stone floor in a bridal style. You held on to his jacket when you were carried over to the bed, and you were gently placed down on the thin sheets. He crawled onto the bed a moment later, straddling your figure as you were laying. Ludwig's hands returned to your skin, one gently rubbing your leg while the other was back on your breast, gently teasing and squeezing it.. you gasped softly.

A moan slipped you when his hand slid inside your underwear, his gentle movements made you feel impatient. You let out a soft whimper to grab Ludwig's attention, and it seemed to have worked. Because the moment you did you let out a long lasting moan as you felt his finger enter you, he didn't move it yet, giving you time to adjust to the one digit.

Ludwig's other hand left your breast, also moving down to your underwear. He gently hooked his finger on the rim of the object, pulling down the thin fabric that was hiding your entrance. You were lost in the pleasure that was taking over quickly, you felt it.. you needed him now. You cried out more when a second and a third finger entered you, it was a tease as he was slowly moving the three digits inside of you.. because you needed more.

"L-Lud.." You gasped, taking a sharp breath as you managed to speak while you were being pleasured. Ludwig's fingers suddenly stopped, and his piercing blue eyes were on you a moment later, making eye contact with your [e/c] orbs.

"P-please.. put it.. in.." You took another deep breath as you spoke in half a whisper, and your eyes trailed down when Ludwig pulled his fingers out and moved to unzip his pants, popping out the now already hardened length that he seemed to be hiding for a while now. He positioned himself between your legs as he pushed them apart with a gentle movement, his eyes connecting with yours once more.

You nodded slowly with dark red blush on your face as he nodded in return, confirming you were ready. You let out a moan when he fully entered you with a single thrust, the pain killed you for a moment there, but it was quickly washed away as he made a single movement, and then slowly started to move. You took a couple of deep breaths, followed by a moan with each time he thrusted inside of you. Tears started to build up in the corners of your eyes, but you felt his hand seek yours a moment later, assuring you that it was going to be alright by intertwining his fingers with yours.

The pace was picked up, and Ludwig started moving faster, he was panting a fair bit himself as well. You were in pure bliss as the pleasure started to get too much to handle, you felt you were nearing the edge quickly.. it seemed to be the same for Ludwig as he kept thrusting faster and faster, his pants becoming louder with each thrust he made. It didn't take much longer when a last thrust was given, making both of you let go of a deep throated moan before you felt his release as well as your own orgasm. The warm seeds quickly flowed deep inside of you, leaving you laying exhausted once Ludwig pulled out to catch his breath and tidy his clothes.

You stared, surprised how he was able to regain himself so quickly. You were still panting heavily, trying to catch your breath. You could feel some of the semen slide down your legs, partly dripping on the bed sheets which you didn't mind. You were surprised when Ludwig suddenly pulled away the blanket from underneath you, and wrapped it around your naked body before he lifted you in his arms.

"Ich.. Ich liebe dich, ______." It was a sudden thing to break the silence as Ludwig held you close to him in a bridal style once more, it made you blush. You weren't sure why, but even after being treated like this you somehow knew that it wouldn't happen again now.

You remained silent as you looked up at Ludwig's deep blue eyes, surprising him as you pulled him into a sudden kiss, it grew passionate for a while until he broke the kiss to get some air. You rested your head on his shoulder as he started walking you out of the room.

"I think.. I love you too" You softly replied, causing the German man to actually smile for once, it was something you haven't seen before while you were stuck here. You felt a lot more at ease now, and it took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the bright lights that shone through the windows when you were finally brought outside of that cold cell and into his house.

Living with Ludwig, it didn't seem so bad in the end after all..
Requested by :iconjackskellington29: To write a Germany x Reader lemon.

The thought behind the invading thing is pretty old, but I still can never stop imagining it.. whether it's a straight pairing or Yaoi xD

Besides that I didn't know what else to write about Germany currently, but at least I improved on him a lot more comparing it to older stories.

Oh well, I tried again lol

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.
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