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March 16, 2012
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Today it was Matthew's birthday, you partly felt bad because everyone seemed to have forgotten about it. But you didn't, so you were planning something for him, a present that you figured he would like a lot.

You had set everything up, your house had the perfect location for it as well as it was on top of a hill, it was something Matthew brought up a lot when he visited it. And today, you were going to give him what he wanted to see from that view the whole time.

You happily skipped across the streets as you were on your way to school, it was friday so the weekend was just up ahead. But when you got into your classroom you approached a rather sad looking Matthew, he was sitting at his desk with Kumajirou tugged in his arms tightly.. he wasn't really looking at something, he was just staring out in front of him as if he was in his thoughts. So you approached him.

"Good morning, Matthew!" You happily said as you took your seat at your desk, which happened to be right in front of your friend here.

He barely responded with a "Hi" however, which gave you a bad feeling in return.. because your present couldn't be given until later in the evening, it made you wish you could make him happy earlier.

You decided to keep watching Matthew the rest of the day at school, you noticed how people just like you did greet him, but there was nothing more than that to it. Even his brother Alfred was all jolly like he usually was around the Canadian, but that was the only thing that was going on.. it made you wonder if they had really forgotten him or if they did it on purpose.

Time passed and it was getting near the point of time you were going to pick up Matthew, he had agreed to it before as you called it the 'usual spot' since the two of you decided to hang out there together a lot. You approached Matthew's house and knocked on the door, it took some time before he answered it, and yet again he had this disappointed face.

"Are you ready?" You happily chirped, without asking for it Matthew offered you to hold Kumajirou, and you took him without really waiting for him to ask it.. you liked the polar bear so you didn't mind holding him.

"Yeah, let's go" Matthew's soft voice had this sadness in it, which made you feel all the more worse.

"Is everything okay?" You eventually asked after walking for about five minutes of the trip, the only sounds the two of you heard in the meanwhile were the sounds of Kumajirou whining since he found it to be a tad too quiet.

"Yeah.. I guess, nothing to worry about" Matthew replied, you kept him in tow though.. you tried to keep talking to the Canadian but he kept replying with short answers that it became difficult.

But you were relieved when you saw your house coming in view, you only had to guide him to the back, but before you did you suddenly stopped, causing the other to do the same and look at you slightly confused.

"Can you.. uhm.. close your eyes?" You politely asked, Matthew wasn't sure as to why but he didn't protest against it and he did as you told him.. you were thankful for your house blocking the view currently, otherwise the surprise would have been spoiled.

You led Matthew around your house, holding his hand in one hand and Kumajirou still in your other arm. You moved him over to a certain spot in the grassy field on top of the big cliff, the win gently blowing through you hair as you looked at the beautiful sight ahead.

"You can look now" You giggled for a bit, and a second later you swore you would never forget his surprised look ever again, it was quickly followed by a smile of joy. Because it was perfect, there was a beautiful sunset in view, and you had put down a table outside with a birthday cake on it.. you managed to make it yourself and it was a lot of work, but you were glad you made it. And next to that there were other various snacks sprawled across the table.

"Happy birthday, Matthew!" You happily said, this is what he had asked for all the time.. something simple, with the sun going down in the back, he said he would love it and he did.

You weren't sure what was happening as Matthew suddenly embraced you out of the blue, lifting you up from the grassy floor, his strength was quite surprising as he looked like he did it without any trouble, while you still carried Kumajirou as well. Matthew carried you over to the near edge of the cliff, there were a pair of chairs you had prepared there, but rather than using both he sat down and put you in his lap which made you blush slightly.

"Thank you, ______. This is all I really wanted, I'm so happy" You smiled when you saw the sparkle in Matthew's purple eyes, his dull mood snapped up to so much happiness in only a few seconds.

"But there is one thing that would make it perfect" You looked a bit confused, because he told you a long time ago that this sunset on his birthday would be the perfect thing, what more could he ask for?

"_______." Matthew started off, you blushed realizing what he was up to when his arms snaked around you, revealing a small black box in his hand and he held it in front of you.. you could see a deep red blush on his own face as he continued.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

You were speechless, not sure what to say. Your heart pounded in your chest right about now, forget it.. you knew what to say, because you secretly had your likes for the man.. but you always called him a friend instead, you'd never think he'd want this so you never mentioned it. But you slowly reached out for it, taking the ring from the box as you looked into his deep purple eyes.. and your arms wrapped around his neck while the polar bear remained sitting in your lap.

"Yes, I will"

His soft lips pressed against yours, this day was definitely the best day. Not just for the birthday boy, but for you too.
Requested by :iconcardcaptorhailey:

Out of the three Canada x Reader requests I have gotten, I honestly think this one is the cutest :3

The Canada requests are slowly brainwashing me.. I started from having a 'meh' opinion about him to a 'He's alright' kind of thing, and it's growing.. nuhh ._.

Now don't start lecturing me about the sunset things, because whether it rises or it goes down, I call it a sunset in either way xD

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia in any way.
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