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May 17, 2012
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You could hear your own futile attempts to breath, every gasp made your chest hurt. You didn't know what happened at all, your mind was a fuss as if a static noise played through it endlessly. All you remembered was that something hit you, very hard. And the next thing you knew, you felt like this. You tried to breath once more, another thick sting of pain shot through your chest as you did.

But there was something you heard that cut through the noise in your head, a voice. Someone was calling you, it caused your eyes to snap open. There was a blur before your eyes, it slowly turned into a visible image of a young man. Your eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. Apparently you were lying on the middle of the streets, and a car had crashed into a wall a little further ahead. There was the sound of people talking rapidly and making attempts to figure out if the car's driver was alive. Some others were seemingly helping you with something, but what?

Only then did you realize that you were bleeding, you could see the red liquid run down your body from the corner of your eyes. You gasped once more, only very little air managed to get into your system with each attempt to breath. Your eyes returned to the male that was hovering above you. You could see a worried expression in the purple eyes that were behind a pair of transparent glasses. He had a large wound running across his arm, yet he seemed too busy trying to help you.

"When is the ambulance coming?" The question shot through your head as if it was some kind of echo. The strange male that was hovering over you asked it, but they merely replied with a, "Hopefully soon"

You felt the man's hand touching your cheek, and a moment later everything fell silent. You could see his lips move, yet there was no sound that came out of it. It wasn't long until the color of a flashing blue light started blinding you, and an ambulance was quickly coming to a stop on the scene.

The only thing you could remember was that you were lifted to be laid down on a stretcher.

And then you blacked out..


You blinked your eyes to be met with a blurry image. The white scenery quickly became clear however, revealing the same strange man that sat there with you in the middle of the streets before. You still couldn't recall anything but a heavy pain that went through your whole body. All you could tell was that he was carrying that same expression of worry as he did before, and this time you weren't bleeding anymore.. all your wounds were covered in bandages.

"Where am I?" You eventually asked. You looked down at the thick, white sheets of the bed you were laying in.. somehow you couldn't get a grip of the name a building like this would carry.

"You're at the hospital, you were injured quite badly after being hit by a car" You looked over at the stranger as he spoke. You didn't notice until now that there was also a doctor present that seemed to be writing on a clipboard and looked over to you from time to time, but you shrugged that aside.. you wanted the know why that strange blonde man was around even before you got into this hospital.

"And.. who are you?" You finally asked. You could see his eyes widen for a moment before he let out a disappointed sigh, lowering his head in the process.

"I'm your boyfriend, Matthew" A feeling of confusion struck through you as this 'Matthew' figure spoke, you didn't remember having a boyfriend at all. Well.. what did you remember? You couldn't think about it properly at all.

"I'm afraid she lost her memory" The doctor finally spoke up, laying the last few scribbles on the clipboard. You ignored it as you were occupied with yourself, trying to think of where and how you had supposedly met Matthew since he stated he was your boyfriend.

"Will ______ be alright?" Matthew looked up at the doctor with hope, but there was a thoughtful expression that took him over for a moment.

"She should be.. in time. All you have to do is act like you'd normally do around her, it's the best way for her to get her memories back. Now if you excuse me, there are more patients I have to visit" The doctor left after he spoke, leaving you and your 'boyfriend' alone. You examined Matthew once more as his attention returned to you. Your attempts to think about anything were disturbed when his innocent purple eyes looked at you straight in the eye.

"Do you want to go outside? It should be good for you, and the doctor said it's alright as long as someone is with you" Outside? It made you wonder for how long you had been out if you were in a good enough state to get up and out of bed. But Matthew was right nontheless, it would be nice to get some fresh air out there. So you did it, you took his hand when he offered it to you and he helped you stand up.

It took you a moment to get used to stand, your legs wobbled quite a bit which made you hold on to the front of Matthew's shirt in order to keep your balance. He didn't seem to mind it at all. Instead he helped you stand properly by wrapping his arm around you. He led you through the hallways, and through the back door into some type of garden that happened to he laying behind the hospital's building. You were helped over to sit at a nearby bench, but Matthew didn't sit down with you just yet.

"I'll get you something to drink, I'll be right back"

"But-" You didn't even get time to tell you weren't thirsty when Matthew went ahead, going back inside the hospital. You sighed as you were left on your own once again, sinking right back into your thoughts to attempt to remember anything. But each time you tried to think about one thing, you forgot the next things again. However.. somehow you hoped that Matthew would return soon, staying alone somehow felt a bit uneasy.

"Now look at that, this is a great chance now that he's gone.. go!"

"Ugh.. do I really have to?"

"If you want to get everything you want then this is the way to go, dude"

Footsteps sounded across the stone pavement and stopped right in front of you. You looked up to see a man, he looked a lot like.. how did you call him again? Matthew, yes that. The only difference you weren't aware of was that he wore a pair of sunglasses that hid his eyes instead of wearing goggles. He was dressed somewhat different and his hair was tied in a small ponytail, besides that he carried a hockey stick. These changes didn't really occur to you, you were oblivious as you only reminded yourself of the blonde hair color he had and the funny curl that stuck out. However, you had trouble recalling his name once again even though you just remembered it a few seconds ago.

"I keep forgetting your name, uhm.. You look somewhat different too, or is that just me?"

"It's Matthew, you sure forget everything quickly don't you? You must be imagining things to think I'm different" Realization hit you when Matthew reminded you of his name once more, you surely were getting forgetful. You sighed as you watched him take his seat next to you.

"Oh right.. my boyfriend. So.. what did you leave me for again?" You curiously asked. You didn't really understand why Matthew grumbled something you couldn't make out to himself, as if he.. as if he was acting different too all of a sudden. But you quickly shook that thought off of you. If he said he was your boyfriend then it probably was like that, he wouldn't lie, right?

"Boyfriend? Right.. whatever" Matthew sighed, a little hint of annoyance in his tone of voice. He looked around for a moment, his eyes stopping on the door of the hospital before looking back at your curious face.

"Uhm.. there's something I want to show you, care to come along?" Matthew suddenly seemed to struggle to try to keep things nice. Somehow you didn't hesitate when he stood up and offered you his free hand, you took it almost immediately.

You curiously wondered where Matthew was taking you.
In the end I decided to upload it anyway, I'm not even sure how many chapters this thing will end up having since it's been a while ago since I even wrote this chapter. But I can't help it, since I'm very busy at the moment so it will take time to write next chapters. (Since I also still have some requests I'm taking ages on lol)

I don't even know what to think about it anymore.. It somehow is so messed up, yet interesting at the same time lol

Oh, the irony that plays through this story already.. It made me feel bad to have you ask him who he was again xD

Let's just be fair.. I just don't want anyone to take this idea before the mass production of this pairing is showing up. So that I don't end up feeling bad that I didn't upload it in the end at all xD

I hope that you guys liked it anyway x:

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.


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