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You couldn't help yourself but giggle a little as you were helped with a piggyback ride through the hallways of the school by your boyfriend, Alfred. You were just about to spectate the first soccer match of the season for the school's team until you accidentally tripped about halfway down a staircase out on the school grounds, causing your knee to scrape across the stone floor and making it bleed quite a lot. You felt bad that Alfred had to miss it out since he was also part of the team, but he didn't mind it at all.

"It's too bad Mr.Kirkland is here today" Alfred complained. Arthur Kirkland was one of the few school's doctors working at the infirmary, and somehow he was the only person your boyfriend didn't seem to like among the other doctors.

"Why's that? He's very nice" You smiled as you spoke, your arms gently wrapped around Alfred's neck as he continued pacing through the hallways.

"That's because he's got an eye on you" You burst out laughing for a second when he responded, he sounded jealous.. but you knew he shouldn't worry about anything since you had been dating Alfred for over a year now.

"You're just being silly, he's a doctor.. he's supposed to be nice. Besides.." You made a dramatic pause, giggling along the way. "You know that I love you, it won't change"

You grinned widely when you saw Alfred brighten up a bit, he looked so happy. The two of you laughed together the rest of the way to the infirmary office, by now the blood had trailed all the way down your bare leg. You were happy you weren't wearing anything to cover them underneath your skirt, otherwise it would have been such a mess by now. At first Alfred knocked on the door before entering, you looked up to see Matthew sitting on one of the soft chairs while the Arthur happened to be roaming around in one of the cabinets for what he needed, all you could see from your point of view was his white doctor's coat he wore over his clothes.

"Hi Matthew!" You happily greeted Alfred's younger brother, Matthew was probably the one that had to visit the infirmary most of the time since he chose his daily medicine to be given rather than keeping it himself.. he could be so clumsy sometimes, it was funny.

"Oh, hello. What brings the two of you here?" Matthew asked, but you didn't have the need to answer when he nodded slowly, seeing the mess on your leg.

You were put down to stand on the floor when Arthur returned to Matthew with the right medicine, you clung onto Alfred's arm with a smile when you watched him take it.

"I suggest that you should take it easy the rest of the day, this medicine could make you feel a little fuzzy" Arthur said with a smile, helping Matthew up who happily nodded in return.

"Alright, I'll watch it, thanks" A moment later Matthew left, leaving you with Alfred and the doctor by your side.

Arthur's emerald eyes went over to you a second later, inspecting you until he spotted the injury.

"Please have a seat, ________. I'll check your knee in a second" You did as Arthur told you while he went to get a first aid kit, you stumbled over to a chair with your sore leg and sat down. Alfred sighed as he sat down on the chair next to you, you could feel his mood dropping slowly already.

Arthur returned a moment later, taking a different chair in order to sit out in front of you so he could take a better look at your knee. Just as usual you had a fun little conversation with the man while he cleaned your leg, getting rid of the blood and eventually pasted a band aid on the actual wound.

"There, that's all set. I'll be right back, so if you need anything more feel free to wait" You happily waved Arthur off as he left the room, leaving you behind with just Alfred. You were about to stand up when he suddenly pulled you back down to sit, causing you to look at the other confused.

"What's the matter, Alfred?" You sweetly asked, your [e/c] eyes making contact with Alfred's piercing blue ones. He looked rather serious, but that changed when he suddenly put up his usual wide smile.

"Well then.. can I get a kiss for carrying you all the way out here?" Alfred teased, yet it was somewhat serious in your eyes at the same time. You chuckled, you liked it when Alfred randomly asked you for kisses rather than doing it out of surprise.

"Of course, anytime" You said in half a whisper.

The two of you stared at each other for a while, but eventually Alfred made the move. He gently wrapped his arm around your shoulder to pull you closer to him, and then your lips met. The kiss was soft at first, but it grew passionate quickly. His tongue was playfully stroking yours while he explored your warm caverns, the kiss felt so short yet endless at the same time as usual.

"Enjoying the alone time I see" You jerked up almost immediately, breaking the kiss when you heard the all to familiar voice of Arthur. You turned to look at him, but you met his bright green eyes while you didn't actually meant to do that. Apparently he somehow managed to get back in soundlessly and had closed the door as well, Alfred stood up almost immediately with a grin.

"Of course, who wouldn't with the most beautiful girl of the school?" That was Alfred's opinion that is, you blushed a deep red however, as you were not used to compliments like that.

"I guess you're right.." Arthur said with a chuckle, you blinked as you watched the doctor step towards you, but Alfred was a tad distracted by his own laughing to notice it. "Maybe I can enjoy it too" At those words Alfred finally became alert, but it was too late when Arthur suddenly took hold of your chin and pressed his lips against yours.

"Hey dude, not cool!" You heard Alfred protest, but Arthur continued. You tried to keep your lips shut tightly, and you felt his tongue across your soft pair of lips slowly. Once the kiss was broken he looked so disappointed, but only a moment later a grin spread across his face all over again. You quickly whiped your mouth with your arm, you didn't expect that to happen at all.

"What the hell was that about, kissing with my girlfriend?!" Alfred complained, he quickly moved over to you and pulled you close to him. You agreed with your boyfriend as you clung onto him, standing as close to Alfred as possible.

"My, are you greedy Alfred" Arthur spoke with a deep tone of annoyance which made you frown, he was the one being perverted all of a sudden.. it didn't suit the English man at all. Well.. you sorta had to admit that you liked Arthur, but that was only on a friendly way of course.

"You're almost as bad as Francis right now" You finally commented, causing Arthur to look at you rather surprised, which in return surprised you as well. You still didn't move since you wanted to make sure you were fine by staying by Alfred's side.

"W-well.. that wasn't quite what I was trying to show.. I guess I'm just no good at it at all.." You blink, Arthur suddenly seemed rather.. down, or that's how you would describe it. You weren't sure what to say or do, so you just stared at the doctor.

"Then what?" Alfred butted in once more, you didn't mind it as you were about to ask the same thing after all.

"You see, it's sorta that I.. well, kinda like you. So I started writing letters to you without really thinking about it" Arthur seems pretty calm for confessing such a thing, but it reminded you that you had indeed been getting letters anonymously.. you even showed them to Alfred to ask if it was his doing.

"W-wait.. so those letters were yours?" You stared as you asked the question, and Arthur slowly nodded to it in return, making you blush slightly. Alfred noticed your blush, and it didn't take long for a look of worry to spread on his face.

An uncomfortable silence was in the air, but Alfred wasn't planning to make any room for you to start questioning your feelings. You were caught off guard when Alfred suddenly made you turn to face him, pressing his soft lips against yours instantly. Of course you allowed him to do so, you wouldn't doubt that. You closed your eyes when you felt his tongue slipping into your mouth, exploring every part of your warm caverns. You kissed back, your arms unconciously wrapping around your boyfriends neck.

A sudden touch on your hips made you whimper in the middle of the kiss, you realized they weren't Alfred's hands when you felt a couple of soft nibbles on your ear, followed by a lick. You shivered when you felt his hands slip underneath your jacket and shirt, the feeling of his warm fingers trailing around your stomach was somehow relaxing you.

Once the kiss was finally broken you panted lightly, but you felt yourself being pulled backwards to lean against Arthur. His hands moving upwards slowly, causing you to let out a small gasp once you felt them on your breasts. He played with them, gently squeezing the soft skin, making a couple of light moans to slip your lips. You looked at Alfred as he took the single step he needed to you, his eyes had this determined glare which you couldn't describe very well.

"A-Al.." You whimpered in surprise when feeling not one pair of lips on your neck, but two.

The two pairs of soft lips, you felt them on both sides of your neck. Their tongues slid across your skin, leaving little marks on each spot that was sucked on. There was a pause, and you felt Arthur's warm hands leave your breasts. Somehow it was disappointing, but his hands went up ahead to take off the jacket of your uniform. You looked up to Alfred when you felt his hands take yours, leading you over to one of the comfortable chairs. He sat down and helped you sit on his lip, facing him as his hands went over to your shirt to unbutton it.. before you knew it, it was off and thrown aside along with your bra.

Alfred's lips returned to your skin, this time on one of your nipples. You let out a soft gasp when he started sucking on it, his hand trailed across your bare skin, down your side and on your bare leg. The slow and gentle rubs of his hand.. they turned you on even more, causing you to shiver of the need that was slowly building up within you. You reached out, placing your hand on his crotch. You rubbed your thumb against his member through the fabric, giving you a groan of delight in return.

You felt Alfred's hand slip into your skirt from the bottom, you gripped onto the front of his shirt and let out a deep throated moan when you felt his finger rub through the thin fabric of your underwear. You were losing yourself in the sparks of pleasure with each rub, causing you to rock yourself against his finger slowly. A deep whimper of need slipped you when his finger teased you, pressing its way as far inside as the fabric would allow him to.

"P-please.. take me.." You whimpered, small tears welling up in your eyes as his finger continued to tease you with slow and gentle movements. Alfred obeyed you, helping you out of your skirt and underwear.. exposing you completely as you stood.

He unzipped his pants, merely popping out his hardened erection. He placed his hands on your hips, feeling your body shiver from pleasure. Alfred guided you, having you position yourself just above his length.

"Oh.. A-Alfred~" You moaned out once you felt his member slide inside of you. You were gently lowering yourself until you were completely filled, a feeling of delight and pleasure washed over you when you wrapped your arms around his neck and his piercing blue eyes connected with yours. It made you lean in, nibbling the skin of his neck, he groaned a little in return, he so eager to move.

Alfred bucked his hips once, a jolt of pleasure shot through you, causing you to moan out lustfully. You barely recognized the pain as it was quickly washed away when he started moving, and you rocked yourself along with the same pace. Moans and groans, they filled the room with each thrust given. You cried out, not yet feeling ready to get it over and done with, but you felt the warm seeds releasing deep within you. It all seemed so quick, it made you feel like you needed more.

You remained sitting, some of the seeds slowly slid down your leg and part of Alfred's length that you were still connected to. You breathed rapidly, an impatient feeling remained while your boyfriend was already at the end of his needs. You hid your face into his shoulder, an imapient whimper slipping your lips.

You didn't expect it when you were suddenly lifted from Alfred's lap, but he seemed too tired to protest against it, you had forgotten about Arthur as he carried you to the first of the two stationed beds to lay you down. You look at Arthur with a blurry gaze from tears that were building up, but he whiped them away carefully with his fingers. Only then you noticed the buldge his pants, they looked so tight.

There was only the sounds of your whimpers as your eyes were locked on Arthur's pants as he unzipped it, taking out his hard erection. Arthur crawled ontop of you, his emerald green eyes connecting with yours before he leaned in.. his soft lips brushing against yours lightly. You accepted it this time when he started kissing you, taking you into a passionate kiss while at the same time you let out muffled moans as you felt his length rubbing against your leg. You're impatience grew, and he saw it once the kiss was broken.

You didn't care how desperate you looked at this point, you wanted it to be done. You let out a choked cry when you felt it, his member was slowly pressing its way inside of you. It was a tease until he was fully inside of you, the previous semen that was dripping from your entrance helped as a lubricant. You let out a loud moan when he moved once, his hand seeking yours in the meanwhile and your fingers intertwined with his. Arthur trusthed back inside, making another moan slip you.. and getting a couple of pants from the other in return.

It felt so endless, yet so short.. his thrusts were quick and selfish. As if to try to prove his love for you, he just kept going at a rapid speed. You let out several loud moans as the last two thrusts were enough to make you orgasm, as you came you heard Arthur's grunt of release shortly after. A second load was released deep inside of you, it made you let out a last little gasp.

Silence spread across the room afterwards, only the sounds of your pants were heard. You were so tired, the energy had completely left you. You were a mess, the semen dripping down your legs and onto the thick white sheets of the bed, you didn't mind it. You didn't want to think about what would happen to your relationship with Alfred now either, he was definitely going to be mad once he his energy would return.

You sighed, closing your eyes. You felt the bedsheets being moved from underneath your naked body, only to feel it being placed on top of you. You decided not to worry about anything for now, all you wanted to do was to have a nice rest.

You let out a little yawn before you fell asleep..
Requested by :iconshadiee4129: To write an America x Reader x England lemon.

This story is such a piece of junk.. it's garbage bin worthy in my eyes, but I was already halfway through it when I started to think the idea was just plain stupid.. so I finished it rather than being stubborn and starting something else that's completely stupid xD

Where the hell did I get this idea in the first place? I have no idea what inspired me, it just randomly popped up I guess.

And again, threesome lemons are pretty damn hard to write.. to me that is, and I only see this as a failed attempt, it failed so bad.. Damn my pessimism is really bad today yet I have such a writing mood xD

Too bad I couldn't find a nice picture to fit for this..

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or You.
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UK:what is it now you bloody wanker..? -__- *walks into the room* O__O what...the...fuck? Kitsune?..
Me: XwX
US:*sees the kindle that's sitting on the bed...just waiting to be picked up, goes over and picks it up, reads the title of the fanfic* hey England...
UK:what?*reading the fanfic*
UK:*walks over to, reads it*
-a minute later-
USUK:0____0||| well that's just terrifying...
UK:it's terrifying that she'd want to do that...with US!
-they both left...not even caring to come up for a funeral for the poor fangirl-
(XD lol. Also...favorites)
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This got me super wet... Like this is by far the best fanfiction I've ever read and great grammar and spelling (that is usually a problen with some writers) amazing quality I loved it.
Alfred: watcha commenting on?
Arthur: Yes I would also love to see.
Me: uhhh...
Both: *grabs phone and reads fanfiction looks at me seductively.* If you want to...
Me: *blushes* i .. I uhh... Gaah... Umm...
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America: You take her and I will take Merci
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Sky: (Alfred and Author's sister my OC) *walks in blowing a bubble with her gum* HEY gu- *stops mid word and the bubble pops* uhhhhhhh I did not need to see that *turns and walks out of the room* 
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Me: *Reading the lemon*BlushyRitsu 
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My cousin:*gets text from girl friend*:pokerface: 
 Me and him::megusta: :megusta: 
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good story, you say it failed, but it really hasn't, i enjoyed it! (oh jeez that sounded wrong... =_= anyways...)
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