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October 6, 2012
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Heavy pants and breaths slipped your lips as you were leaning against the wall right infront of a house. You didn't have time to look at your surroundings yet after you ran so much to make sure that none of them was following you anymore. Thanks to that, in the end you ran more than you could actually take, and on top of that you were still injured and unable to treat your wounds at the moment.. so you were grateful that you could still stand at this point.

It took you a good ten minutes until you finally could start paying attention to the things around you. Somehow the house you were standing right in front of looked very familiar, yet you couldn't figure out why. It somehow had a nice look to it, even though it still looked dark at the same time.

Out of curiosity you decided to go over to it, as well as for the reason of needing a place to hide. Approaching the front door, you tried to feel the door's handle. Strangely enough it wasn't locked at all.

You went inside. The extreme silence felt somewhat uncomfortable as you walked into the living room. It was quite messy. You were still unsure of what this familiar feeling was, but you froze almost instantly when you heard something.. there was movement on the stairs. You turned to look through the door you came through a moment ago, staring into the hallway. You made sure to move as far back as you possibly could, making yourself stand all the way against a table with your behind.

Every step you heard brought a fearsome thought into your mind, yet you couldn't find yourself to look away from the door. Whoever it was, once you assumed it reached the bottom of the stairs you could hear some awkward clicking unevenly from time to time.

"You're back already, West?" You froze when your eyes met a pair of dark purple ones once he stepped through the door, his eyes had this half-emotionless stare in them. His long silver hair was tied in a low ponytail, and he was dressed in some simple shorts and a T-shirt. But now you understood why it sounded awkward, it was because he was walking on bare feet, and one of his legs was fully made of metal as well as one of his arms.

He stared at you for a while. In that time it took you a moment to realize that this guy looked somewhat similar to Gilbert, yet different in a lot of ways. He was actually quiet compared to the Gilbert you knew.

"You're hurt.." You blinked, snapping out of your thoughts as you heard his calm voice. You quickly moved your hand, pressing it against the wound on your arm which made you realize the blood was all across your arm by now.

"Why would you care?" You coldly responded. You kept up an angry look even when he let out a soft sigh. Gilbert attempted to step towards you, which made you take a step back.

"Don't even think of getting near me" You warned. Gilbert simply stopped, as if he wasn't even trying.

"I don't have any intention of hurting you, I don't have a reason for it" Gilbert spoke. He remained on his spot since he could see your doubt. His gaze only averted from a direct look into your eyes to the wound from time to time.

"There's a first aid kit in the kitchen on the top shelf, help yourself if you can handle it then-"

"Yeah right, it's probably some kind of trap" You were quite surprised when Gilbert's expression turned into slight anger after you spoke, as if he was offended.

"You're acting as if I booby trapped it. Why would I do such a thing? I need that thing more than ever since I started taking care of West" Gilbert sighed.

"What? Does he get injured that much?" You didn't realize you spoke out loud until you saw Gilbert shake his head with a shrug.

"Him and getting injured? No, it was for myself actually" You froze at Gilbert's words for a moment. The thought that this Ludwig was possibly violent at his younger years was quite disturbing, taking care of someone like him must have been tough.

For some reason you decided to just trust Gilbert's words for now. You helped yourself into the kitchen in order to search the drawers and cupboards for the first aid kit he told you about. It took you a while, but eventually you found what you needed. Only to have a new problem rise up, since you were unable to wrap the bandage around your arm properly with just one hand.

"Hey Gilbert-" You cut off your own sentence when you realized he was closer to you than you thought. He already went ahead to help you with the bandage before you could even ask. Looking at his facial expression more closely, something seemed to be bothering him.

"Make sure you leave immediately after I'm done, West can come back home any minute now" After Gilbert spoke, only then did you realize that you actually stepped into Ludwig's house.

"How do you even know that I'm being followed by him?" You asked, assuming that he somehow knew about you being chased. Gilbert shrugged, the annoyance in his expression was still clearly there.

"When something like a human trespasses, or anything else unusual comes up he's always involved" Gilbert spoke as he finished tying the bandage. Somehow it looked as if he didn't like it, yet as if he agreed with it partly.

"W-well.. thanks, I guess.." You said. You moved over to the door to take your leave. Gilbert was right as it wasn't safe to stay right there with him, yet you didn't understand why he would help you.

There wasn't a lot of time to think about it as you continued your way down the streets..
Well.. this story is turning out.. intersting? I dunno, but hey like I said this thing is turning out to have quite some parts.

Not sure what to say, I wrote what simply popped up at the time and that's how I continue to write the story slowly xD

I hope you enjoy either way.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia nor any 2P! designs in any way.


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